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I am sorry for the inconvenience, but I am no longer able to
offer personal help or make personal contacts with users
due to my deteriorating health.  I have been offering this
service for students for several years now, and I deeply
regret that I am unable to continue.  The kind of personal
help that I have been offering, however, is based on the text
that is included in this website.

I will continue to make this website available for free to
everybody (although, as always, I will always accept
donations through the PayPal Donate button located on this
and many other pages). Also, you may purchase a book or
ebook format of this site under the title "Basic Economics
for Students and Non-Students Alike" by Jerry Wyant using
links provided on this page [ebook format is now free].

Also, I can no longer accept comments or correspondence
of any kind.  I was forced to delete the contact form from
this page due to spammers.
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